Your New Favorite Trimming Tool

Cutting Down Ornamental Grasses with Jakoti Hand ShearsPruning shears are fine for shaping trees and shrubs one stem at a time, but their short blades aren’t very efficient when you have a whole lot of garden trimming to do. If you’re tired of doing your perennial pruning and garden cleanup chores one small snip at a time, you’ll love Jakoti Hand Shears.

Trimming Topiary with Jakoti Hand ShearsThe 5-inch-long bypass blades can remove more than twice the material with each cut compared to a standard pair of pruning shears, and the self-sharpening, carbon-steel blades make it easy to cut through even tough perennial stems with one hand. Speaking of hands…these shears work equally well for right-handed and left-handed cutting.

Using Jakoti Hand Shears to Cut Down PerennialsJakoti Hand Shears serve the purpose of pruning shears, hedge shears, grass shears, and garden scissors all in one tool. They’re terrific for a wide variety of gardening tasks, including…

  • Cleaning up the garden in fall, winter, or early spring
  • Shearing perennials to control their size or delay their bloom time
  • Cutting down ornamental grasses
  • Deadheading perennials and groundcovers
  • Harvesting herbs, lettuce, arugula, and other leafy greens
  • Clipping grass around posts and in other tight spots
  • Trimming topiaries, parterres, and small hedges
  • Cutting burlap, floating row cover, weed cloth, and other landscape fabrics

Jakoti Hand Shears with Alpaca Fleece

Jakoti Hand Shears are also super for hand-shearing alpacas, llamas, sheep, and goats. They’re quiet, light, and well balanced, and they stay surprisingly sharp even through long shearing sessions. If you do need to touch up the blades, you can easily sharpen them with a hand-held whetstone.

Using Jakoti Hand Shears for Garden MaintenanceReady to treat yourself to a pair of these superb hand shears? We sell the original Jakoti Hand Shears for $52 US per pair, plus $6 for Priority Mail shipping within the United States (higher elsewhere). Payment is by credit card through PayPal; you do not need to have a PayPal account to complete the transaction.

To order, please contact us at We look forward to doing business with you!

Jakoti Hand Shears